Published Works

1. Phul Patian :

A translation of Barg-o-Gul (Persion prose & poetry )

2. Van Van de Phul :

A collection of ten best short stories translated from English, Hindi and Urdu to Panjabi.

3. Gian di Khoj :

A travel book translated from Hindi to Punjabi.

4. Panjabi Likhari Kosh :

A biographical dictionary of panjabi Writers. The Panjabi Languages Deptt. Granted a special subsidy for its publication. The Punjabi Darbar declared it 'the best book of the year in literary research and edition' in the Tribune dated 10th Dec.1964.

5. Azadi Barre :

Edited translation of 'On Liberty' by J.S. Mill.

6. Madam Bovary :

A French Novel translated from English into Panjabi.

7. Ghalna :

A Hindi Novel translated into Panjabi.

8. Guru Gobind Singh :

A descriptive bibliography with critical introduction.

This project was assigned to him by the Panjab University, Chandigarh and was published by it to synchronize with the tricentenary of Shri Guru Gobind Shingh.

9. Dr. M. S. Randhawa Abhinandan Granth :

Acted as convenor of the committee whereas Mr. Suraj Bhan, Vice-chancellor was the Patron of the Committee.

10. Digital Information Resources and Networks on India;

Essays in honour of Prof. Jagindar Singh Ramdev on his 75th Birthday.Dozens of articles.

11. Punjab, Sikh History and Punjabi Literature

have been published by Prof. Jaginder Singh Ramdev in two esteemed weeklies in USA i.e. Punjab Times in Punjabi and indian Reporter in English.

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